Surface Solutions

Techniques, capacity and solving capability: these are the ingredients for a successful surface treatment of your metals. In Maas Coating, we call this: Surface Solutions. We are a production company with the approach of a service provider. Not only we are specialized in powder coating and wet coating, but also in other surface treatments such as (E-Coat)KTL, blasting chemical pre-treatment in our spray tunnel and metallising.

Quality is a mentality

Quality is the reason we exist. Therefore, quality is not a separate department in our company, but a mentality that makes the difference in all our departments.


ISO- certified


Gasunie- certified


Conform Nace and Frosio


Only A-rated suppliers


Process monitoring and traceability


Customer information

More about what quality means to us


Professionalism and automation go hand-in-hand for us. We will choose the right solution for your product. If that is refined manual work, then our professionals will set to work. If we want maximum reproducibility, we will engage our high-tech robots. One of our specializations is powder coating: Maas Coating was one of the first to get started with powder coating in mechanical treatments.

Mechanical pretreatments

From manual work to the biggest and most powerful machines

Chemical pretreatments

Automated bathing series with 6 treatments (including E-Coat - KTL)

Metallic finishes

No zinc droplets visible


For the right cathodic protection

Powder coating

Interplay between people and robot: maximum efficiency, high quality

Wet painting

Interplay between people and robot: maximum efficiency, high quality

Spray pretreatment tunnel

Excellent corrosion protection and paint adhesion properties