Techniques, capacity and solving capability

These are the ingredients for a successful surface treatment of your metals. In Maas Coating, we call this: Surface Solutions.


We offer the appropriate solution for every surface treatment demand. This requires expertise, experience and the ability to come up with solutions, but also an extensive fleet of machinery.

We have this extensive machinery fleet. Moreover, we have the best possible techniques, the smartest processes and the most versatile machinery in the Netherlands – all under one roof.

From the most powerful wheel blaster to high-tech robots that leave nothing to chance; we invest in quality and capacity. So that we can offer you the very best solution.

But, even more important than techniques, processes and capacity, is our customer-focussed approach. We are a production company that takes a service-provider’s approach. We can find a solution for every challenge:

  • We enquire and examine
  • We think and realise
  • We plan and manage
  • We measure and check.

In all cases, ‘Surface solutions’ starts with a comprehensive conversation. So please feel free to visit our premises.