For us, quality means: fulfilling the expectations of the customer. And, if we can, exceeding them. We do so by selecting the best solutions and carefully monitoring your product through every step of the process. This offers us – and you – the best guarantee of top quality. In this film, you can see how our quality system forms the ‘constant’ in our production process.

Quality is a mentality

Quality is the reason we exist. Therefore, quality is not a separate department in our company, but a mentality that makes the difference in all our departments. We endeavour to clarify exactly what we do in this respect, giving you the confidence to put your faith in us.


We have been ISO 9001 certified since 1997. In 2015, we will obtain our ISO 14.001 certificate.

Nace and Frosio

We can supply according to Nace and Frosio norms, two of the most stringent international norms. We are NACE level 1 and 2 certified.

Process monitoring and traceability

We measure and control every step in the production process. Thanks to our barcode system, your products are entirely traceable (see the film).


We are Gasunie certified, an important fact for the oil & gas sector, the maritime sector and the offshore sector.

A-rated suppliers

From blasting materials to paints and chemicals: we only work with A-rated brands. We are also often involved with their innovations and developments.

Customer information

Your instructions are noted in our system at order level. We do so in a visual manner so that every employee sees exactly what is expected of him.

Want to know more?

Martijn van Berlo

Leader wetpaint - NACE Coating Inspector Level II – Cert No. 73466
+31 (0)412 45 13 91

Did you know that we are also NACE certified?

In view of the fact that quality at Maas Coating is a mentality, we ensure that we also have the right certifications for this.

In addition to obtaining our ISO certificates, it was not unavoidable that the employees of Maas Coating are now also certified for coating inspections that have been carried out at Maas Coating for many years.

Maas Coating has an internal ‘NACE Certified Coating Inspector Level 1 & 2’ that can take care of both the inspection of the object to be protected and the supervision of the entire conservation project.

Inspections are usually carried out before, during and after applying the coating. This ensures that application processes, procedures and regulations are monitored. Only in this way the coating inspector can be sure that all parts are well executed.

There are various levels of inspections possible. Maas Coating can therefore also offer a wide range of reports.

  • Standard preservation report
    Here, the layer thicknesses per layer are measured and recorded in a report. Measurements are made with special measuring equipment.
  • Gasunie conservation report
    Maas Coating has been Gasunie certified for many years, an important factor for the oil and gas sector, the maritime sector and the offshore sector. The reports have also been adapted and set up in collaboration with Gasunie.
  • NACE preservation report
    Various tests and measurements are recorded according to international standards (ISO). Inspections are carried out with advanced measuring equipment, taking into account the statutory standards. NACE is particularly requested in the Offshore, Martime, Infrastructure and Wind & Water energy sectors.