We want to understand precisely what we are doing. That is why our laboratory is kitted out to conduct all sorts of tests.

We are therefore able to establish whether we are fulfilling the desired norms/standards. We also work with you in laboratory to ascertain the very best treatment method for your product.

Specific conditions apply to any guarantees. Guarantees must always be agreed upon in consultation. Warranty varies per treatment + environment where material is used? Would you like to know more about the warranty conditions? Contact us!





Bresle-test NEN-EN-ISO 8502-6, 8502-9 Bresle kit
Dewpoint test NEN-EN-ISO 8502-4 Dewcheck 4
Conductivity Hanna diST5, Ecoscan con 6+
Gloss test DIN 55350 Erichsen PICO Glosmaster 500
Falling ball test NEN-EN-ISO 6272 Erichsen
Scratchproof NEN-EN-ISO 2409 Cross-cut adhesion test kit
Layer thickness test NEN-EN-ISO 2808 PosiTector 6000 Elcometer
Layer thickness test and analysis NEN-EN-ISO 2808 NEN-EN-ISO 2808
Orange peel ASTM E430 TQC orange peel tester
PH Ecoscan PH5
Pore detection NEN-EN-ISO 14654 Elcometer 270
Roughness test NEN-EN-ISO 8502-1 Reference Comparator
Dust test NEN-EN-ISO 8502-3 Stoftest kit sp3200
Blasting agent analysis NEN-EN-ISO 8501 t/m 8503 Blast check kit
Blast purity NEN-EN-ISO 8501-1 Kuhmichel
Blast roughness NEN-EN-ISO 8503 Kuhmichel
Salt spray test DIN 50021 Erichsen 606/400l

We visually assess the preservation layer applied on the basis of VISEM quality requirements.

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Martijn van Berlo

Leader wetpaint - NACE Coating Inspector Level II – Cert No. 73466
+31 (0)412 45 13 91