An important form of quality is sustainability. And sustainability is embedded in our approach as well.

Corporate Social Responsibility
The consumer is critical, not only on the quality of their product but also on the origin. Aspects such as sustainability, child labor, fair distribution, climate all play a role. As a family business, we are strongly aware that we must transfer the world well to future generations and take care of the people who are connected to us. We attach great importance to the safety, health and development of our employees. They are the capital of the organization.

Within the CSR it is all about the 3 Ps:

• People
• Planet
• Profit / Prosperity (profit / company).

As a family business we think in generations. It is actually so obvious that we often lead the way technically. The main focus is on how we can work as efficiently as possible to prevent waste of energy and raw materials.

Did you know that we are re-using excess powder coating. The powder that does not come on the product is filtered. In this way, more than 90% of the residual powder can be effectively reused.
We also use tools circular  such as hanging material and packaging material. We also work with the SQDCME system (Safety, Quality, Delivery, Cost, Morale, Environment). All waste is separated and placed in the appropriate containers.

Maas Coating tries to treat as many square meters as possible per year with as little energy wastage as possible. Maas Coating has taken measures to reduce CO2 emissions:

• Use of low-bake powders
• Installing LED lighting
• Reduce paper flow
• Use of electric forklifts

Visitors to Maas Coating can also recharge their car or bicycle at the designated loading pylons (which again are provided with a color by Maas Coating!) Maas Coating complies with the VOC Decree.

Maas Coating attaches great importance to a good personnel policy. Our idea is that we should encourage all employees as much as possible to carry out the tasks properly; but also offer sufficient opportunities for training and development.

Maas Coating also attaches great importance to the health and vitality of our employees. This is promoted by fresh fruit. We are also committed to social return, where we help employees who are lagging behind in the labor market to work.

Profit /Prosperity
We like to be an active part of the world in which we work. That is why we are involved in many ways in regional activities in particular.

We sponsor dozens of organizations and activities. We find the link with our home base Heesch very important.

Representation of interests
We are affiliated with Business Assocoation Heesch. Jan Maas is an active member and former chairman of the Industry section.

Jan Maas is one of the founders of the entrepreneurial network 6KB. In this regional entrepreneurial club networking and socializing go hand in hand.