Blasting (Mechanical pre-treatments)

The fact that many investments have been made over the past few decades in machine blasting means that we have not only gained extensive experience and expertise, but also built up an entire fleet of machines. As a result, we can always select the best possible blasting method for your product

Inert blasting, extra rugged blasting or even a special type of blasting agent… the options when it comes to blasting agents are pretty much endless. But even more importantly, we can provide you with initial advice or even carry out tests for you in our laboratory. Quality for everything!

For more information about the Quality of blasting:

  • Machine and manual blasting
  • Inert blasting too
  • The most comprehensive machinery in the Netherlands
  • Largest blasting machine in the Netherlands
  • Various types of blasting agent for the best adhesion
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E-Coat (Chemical pre-treatments)

In 2012 we introduced a unique 15-part bath series. This comprises 9 cleaning baths and 6 treatment baths, including KTL/E-coat. Thanks to the heavy-duty design, our bath series is suitable for both small, specialised series and heavy materials.

The fact that we work intensively with our chemical suppliers means we have gained a huge amount of experience and expertise in this context. We can therefore not just offer a solution when it comes to chemical pretreatment, but the very best solution.

For more information about the Quality of chemical pretreatments: 

  • Alkali spray degreasing
  • Alkali dip degreasing
  • Stains
  • Activating
  • Zinc phosphate
  • KTL / E-coat
  • Computer-controlled on barcode
  • Fully traceable
  • One operation with wet paint line and powder coating line
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Spray pre-treatment tunnel

Maas Coating is known for its versatility in surface treatment techniques.
Correct preservation of the material starts with the pre-treatment. Which type of pre-treatment is important depends on the type of material and the application of the product.

With these data you can choose from various pre-treatments.
In addition to blasting and E-Coat (KTL), we can now also degrease in our spray chamber automatically.

The process is a chromium-free method to provide corrosion protection in the pretreatment of steel and aluminum surfaces (hot-dip galvanized) substrates.

For questions about the quality of pre-treatment in the spray tunnel: 

  • Suitable for steel, aluminum and hot-dip galvanized surfaces
  • Fully automated process
  • Excellent corrosion protection and paint adhesion properties
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Also for metallizing you can contact Maas Coating.

By adding a zinc layer to your product, we make it stronger and more resistant to external influences. For metallizing, or schooperen, we have a lot of experience and craftsmanship in our own house.

For questions about quality of metallization / schooperen: 

  • No zinc drops
  • Very durable coating system
  • We can also metallizing large dimensions
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Galvanisation is a very specialised task. That is precisely why we work with specialists.

The fact that we have been working for some time with a few fixed partners means we know exactly how to create the best possible treatment for your products.

  • Top class partners
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Powder coating

We were the first mechanical processor to also move into powder coating. So it is no surprise that we have become the go-to specialist when it comes to these two areas. We have played a guiding role in all technical developments that have taken place since.

This led to our comprehensive fleet of machines. We thus have a quick colour-change cabin and the option to apply two coats in one, single operation. Quality and efficiency go hand-in-hand for us.

For more information about the Quality of powder coating:

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Wet painting

Top quality automotive/industrial spraying cabins that provide a better quality, an advanced pump room that ensures accurate dosing and, of course, the teamwork between man and robot… There are many factors that determine the quality and the price of your wet paint work. We do all we can to find the best option.

Both the primer and the paint cabin include a drying cabin. Forcing the drying process allows us to work quicker and avoid damage.

For more information about the Quality of wet painting:

  • Automotive/industrial spraying cabins
  • Advanced pump room
  • Combined drying cabins
  • Ready for water-based paint
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