Blasting (Mechanical pre-treatment)

Mechanical pretreatment, in other words blasting, runs real craftsmanship. You will find our expertise when it comes to advice on which method is most suitable for your products. But also craftsmanship when it comes to, for example, manual blasting with stainless steel – abrasive.

But besides expertise in manual blasting, we also excel in mechanically blasting. Of course we can advise you on which method out of our machinery is the best for your products.

Mechanical pretreatment in practice

The process of mechanical pretreatment is very different, depending on which method we apply. Some products are fully automated irradiated in our blasting machines, others are worked by hand in our jet cabin. Because of all our knowledge and capacity we always manage every process in the most efficient way.



How we ensure quality

Ensuring the quality is very important to us. We also want to make the quality tangible in form of certifications. Think about ISO 9001 – ISO 14001 or NACE and Frosio-norms. When it comes to mechanical pretreatment, the abrasive you use is very important. We only work with Kuhmichel, which is the largest supplier of abrasive in Europe. We also recommend you in detail about the products and methods of mechanical pretreatment.



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Efficient and effective pretreatment

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Specifications blasting

We have the following methods:

  • Wheel blasting machine
    16 freq. controlled blasting wheels (16.000 mm x 3.200 mm x 1.750 mm, 5.000 kg)
  • Wheel blasting machine
    2 freq. Controlled blasting wheels (800 mm x 800 mm x 1.350 mm, 500 kg)
  • Drum blast cleaning machine (rubber belt)
    1 freq. controlled blasting wheel (500 mm x 300 mm x 300 mm, 50 kg)
  • Blasting booth
    Stainless steel blasting medium (10.000 mm x 5.000 mm x 5.000 mm


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