Chrome-free multifunctional corrosion protection

Maas Coating is known for its versatility in surface treatment techniques. Correct preservation of the material starts with the pre-treatment. Which type of pre-treatment is important depends on the type of material and the application of the product.

Roadmap Spray Tunnel Maas Coating

Maas Coating Spray Tunnel
With these data you can choose from various pre-treatments.
In addition to blasting and E-coat / KTL, we can now also degrease in our spray pre-treatment tunnel.

The process is a chromium-free method to provide corrosion protection in the pretreatment of steel, aluminum surfaces and hot-dip galvanized substrates.
This pre-treatment of, among other things, aluminum replaces the glass bead blasting. We have therefore chosen to pre-treat aluminum in our spray tunnel. A big advantage here is that our spray tunnel is connected with our powder coating department.

Maas Coating Spray Tunnel
The process consists of 6 steps and it starts with the (stain) degreasing of steel, aluminum and galvanised material. After this, the material is rinsed and a passivation layer is applied. These steps ensure that the material has excellent corrosion protection and excellent paint adhesion properties.


Warranty system i.c.w. powder coating

This process is approved according to the Qualicoat specification (No. A-70) and GSB International specification (No. 303 c).



Multifunctional, it can be used on steel, aluminum and galvanized surface

Replaces traditional iron phosphating during pre-treatment of steel

Excellent, chromium-free corrosion protection and optimal adhesion of the paint because of to special "Sol-Gel" process.

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Specifications spray pre-treatment tunnel

The dimensions of our spray pre-treatment tunnel are 7000mm x 1000mm x 2500mm (LxWxH)

These pre-treatment is multifunctional. Materials such as steel, aluminum and galvanized surface are suitable for this.
The Spray pre-treatment tunnel is also directly connected to our powder coating line. This allows us to handle your material quickly and efficiently.

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