E-Coat (Chemical pre-treatments)

In our unique 15-piece bathing series we can pretreat your products chemically. At this point we add a KTL/e-coat layer off 15-25 µm. Depending on the application of the materials, this layer may already provide sufficient protection. Most of the time this KTL/e-coat layer in combination with powder coating or wet coating provides optimal protection. Of course we will give you advise about the possibilities.

KTL Maas Coating
Our bathing series is suitable for both large series of products as well as small specialized series. Moreover, we only work with top brands on the field of chemicals. That way, we can answer any demand with the best quality of treatment.

KTL/E-Coat Maas Coating
Our 15-piece bath series consists 9 rinsing baths and 6 treatment baths, including KTL/E-coat. This treatment is fully automatic, and we always think about how we can use this process as efficiently as possible. Because we also carry out treatments as powder-coating and wet-coatings in-house, we can achieve this in one easy procedure for you.




How we ensure quality

Ensuring the quality is very important to us. We also want to make the quality tangible in form of certifications. Think about ISO 9001 – ISO 14001 or NACE and Frosio-norms. In addition, we only work with the best quality brands. That, combined with our precise process controls, ensures that we only supply top quality products.



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Specifications E-Coat

The bathing series has got a length of 3000 mm , width of 1000 mm and a height of 1800 mm. Our equipment can handle a maximum weight of 800 kg. The baths include:

  • Spray – degreasing (Alkaline)
  • Dip – degreasing (Alkaline)
  • Staining
  • Activation
  • Zinc phosphate
  • E-coat/KTL


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