Phosphating: a step in the KTL process

In the case of Maas Coating, phosphating is a step in the KTL process (chemical pre-treatment). This is done by means of one of the baths in the E-Coat / KTL series consisting of zinc phosphate.

Zinc phosphating as a pre-treatment for lacquers is used because lacquer adheres well to this and because they give a very good resistance to under rust. The better resistance to under-rust makes zinc phosphate layers especially suitable for outdoor applications (eg in cars or machines) and in a humid environment.

Purpose of phosphating

The purpose of phosphating is to obtain corrosion protection and good paint adhesion. This has the following advantages:

  • High corrosion resistance (resistance to under rust)
  • Good paint adhesion

Activating Surface

To ensure a good wetting (lowering of surface tension) of the metal surface in the following zinc phosphate bath, an activating bath is necessary. There are many preservation companies that can not offer this pre-treatment.

Maas Coating is versatile in types of pretreatment. In addition to zinc phosphating and chemical pre-treatment (KTL / e-coat), we have been able to pre-treat chemically through our spray tunnel. Here we can degrease and passivate materials such as steel, aluminum and galvanized material.


How we ensure quality

We do this through immersion and the creation of zinc phosphate layers. In total, the KTL series consists of 15 immersion baths and one of these baths is the zinc phosphate bath.

Zinc phosphate layers are crystalline and therefore have very different properties than iron phosphate layers. In order to obtain a fine crystal structure for good adhesion of the zinc phosphate layers, the material must be activated before phosphating. Activation also takes place in one of our immersion baths.



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Dimensions of zinc phosphate bath> 3000 mm x 8000 mm x 1600 mm (length x width x height)

Our system is used in such a way that we can set which bath the materials will be immersion

  • Activate
  • Zinc phosphates

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